The Dickies Kicked Off Warped Tour For Acting Like The Dickies


Remember when you didn’t like a band at Warped Tour and you would just go to one of the other like 6 stages?!?!

On June 26 2017 a video was uploaded to Twitter of the Dickies lead singer Leonard Graves Phillips yelling potty words at a heckler.

Leonard shared his take on the events transpired on a Facebook post saying:

It has come to my attention that a snippet from a recent incident during the Van’s Warped Tour is floating around the internet, indeed here in every comment section on The Dickies page.
This is the context: While doing our show a handful of people took it upon themselves to express their ire with my routine–a routine that includes apish antics, a penis puppet, and often ends with me saying, “You’re a great looking bunch of kids. We’d love to go down on each and every one of you but we just don’t have the time.”
Apparently this group thought I meant it literally as they were holding a sign on the side of the stage (which was then thrown at me) that read:
“Our teenage girls don’t need to be subjected to derogatory jokes by a disgusting old man”
“Punk isn’t predatory”
It appears the audience and myself were to be lectured about common decency as well as the very raison d’être of Punk Rock by this woman and her friends during the entire set.
I finally let my anger get the better of me. I let her know what I thought of her ageist, nasty, Leonard-hating behavior. I used very rude language. I understand the word “cunt” is inflammatory and that many women have been abused by this word. I should have called her an “asshole.”
It wasn’t my proudest moment … but neither was the time I urinated on the audience. I wasn’t there to “prey” on anyone’s child. In all honesty, as fine as most of my audiences are, I’ll pass on having oral sex with each and every one of them.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to affix my groovy new “I *heart* Beaver” magnet (that I picked up in Beaver, Colorado) to the refrigerator and listen to “Beat On The Brat” by The Ramones. If some of you kids haven’t heard of them yet, check ’em out! They’re pretty cool.
Leonard Graves Phillips

So the Dickies joke around about having sex with anyone and everyone at the show, both male and female, prodding all orifices.  One apparently portly female attendee, responds to Leonard’s 40 year long banter as if it’s even aimed at her, females, anybody in specific, anything other than a crude joke meant only to entertain by a notoriously goofy band. Leonard flies a little off the handle perhaps, but is it really that shocking of a response from the Dickies to a heckler?

Right now I would make a comment about punk being dead… but then laugh to myself about the idea of using Warped Tour as metric to gage “punk rock”.  Anybody that I talk to that isn’t 14 years old, usually is only interested in maybe 3 or 4 bands on any given Warped Tour bill in recent years.  I guess it’s kinda hard for me to get all choked up about a tour that I’ve long since considered pretty shitty.

I do feel however feel great remorse for the Dickies.  They don’t deserve to go out like that and I will make it out to see them the next time they’re in town.

Can punk rock exist in a safe space?  I don’t care to find out.  Fuck you.

I’ll leave you with an absolutely epic response to the Dickies, PC, punk rock and safe spaces by a man with absolutely nothing to lose. Take it away, Ben!

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Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".