“They Divide Us to Control Us” — Nick Cannon Destroys the Two-Party Paradigm and Govt Control


Emcee, entertainer, rapper, and actor Nick Cannon, was recently interviewed by VLADTV where he discussed several controversial issues, including but not limited to institutional racism, the political establishment, and greed. While you may or may not agree with Cannon’s stance on certain issues, his ability to dissect and transcend the two-party paradigm deserves commendation.

By:  Jack Burns

This article first appeared at FreeThoughtProject

“I don’t have the right to speak on what a woman should do with her body. And I don’t think the government should have the right,” Cannon said after acknowledging his mother once visited an abortion clinic to abort him, before having a change of heart.

“There are certain things that I don’t agree with because of the way that the system is set up,” Cannon said further acknowledging there’s a bigger “systemic” issue at work in the process of ending the life of an unborn child.

Rather than addressing the ethical implications of abortion, Cannon addressed what he referred to as the systemic institutional racism which gave rise to organizations such as the Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger, forced sterilizations, eugenics, classism, injecting black people with diseases such as HIV and Syphilis, were just some of the topics Cannon voiced vehement objections to.

Sanger was also an advocate for Eugenics, controlling the reproductive systems of all Americans for the purification of the human race. She also advocated for reproduction by permit only, family sizes limited to one child, and forced sterilizations of those with inferior genes.

“Of course the government has done some very helpful and amazing things, but we can’t just praise them for how wonderful they are and then deny all the negative things they’ve done. We have to hold them accountable for everything,” Cannon emphasized.

“It’s the mindset that Black people, lower class people, Latino people are less than all of the elites,” he said adding he, “I have an issue with privatized prisons.” The actor turned activist believes Americans need to combat the mindset which denigrates minorities, imprisons them, surrounds them with liquor stores, offers sub-standard education, and sets them up for failure.

Cannon, who attended the Republican National Convention, said voting for the president was a choice between the “lesser of two evils,” implying he voted for Trump. But the celebrated actor said he actually campaigned for Obama in 2007. “He is the same, solid, upstanding individual,” he said of Obama but stated unequivocally that the office of “The President” is what he called “A Monster.”

Even with Cannon’s involvement in both the Democratic and Republican party campaigns, Cannon revealed that there’s something more sinister at work in the system behind the scenes. “All of that stuff, that’s bells and whistles dog. They set it up to wanna make you think that you are making a choice,” he said, referring to citizens voting for the presidential candidate of their choice. Going further, he shattered the two-party paradigm and stated both parties are corrupt and are only in it for the money and called politics “big business.”

“They divide us, so they can control us.”

When asked if he would ever consider running for public office, specifically the presidency, he emphatically declared, “Hell no!” Instead, Cannon desires to be an effective philanthropist and die a pennyless man, leaving his possessions to care for his immediate family, give to children’s hospitals, and leave a legacy of being a generous person upon his passing.

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Thank you, Nick Cannon, for being unafraid of speaking on such controversial issues and thinking outside of the system designed to control.

This article first appeared at FreeThoughtProject