Don’t Throw Their Vote Away


Exit polls revealed that 35% of voters would have voted for Perot if they believed he could win.[108] Contemporary analysis reveals that Perot could have won the election if the polls prior to the election had shown the candidate with a larger share, preventing the wasted vote mindset.


Ross Perot, love him or leave him, proved that the two party system is a one party system with two mouths. With Gary Johnson entering the race officially this week we will hear the term coined to defeat Mr Perot, and that has defeated every other party from getting a foot hold. “Don’t throw your vote away”.

I don’t tell people how to vote, except to ask people to make sure that the person you vote for really does agree with what you think will help us move forward in the best way. I certainly don’t think a vote can be wasted, and I don’t think I own your vote. I don’t think the same can be said of Democrats and Republicans. They not only think they own your vote, but that they don’t owe you anything for it.

From legislation passed without time to read it, all the way to executive orders that by-pass the rule of law, they have proven that they feel that they owe the people of America nothing. By closing the debates, and bellyaching that other candidates do nothing but insure their “Major” opponents victory, they show that they fell secure in the ownership of your vote.

It isn’t just your vote though, it’s your voice. They feel they own the issues, and no other voice has a right to speak about them. As Libertarians we often find ourselves being called “Liberal” or “Conservatives” because we chime in on an issue. As the “Major” parties go deeper and deeper into their extremes we lose entirely the voice of the moderate, the voice of the reasonable, and finally any voice but theirs.

I don’t know if we have reached that point. I do know that your vote is your voice. If anyone tells you that voting any way besides the way you want to is wrong, they are telling you that your voice doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be heard. They are telling you that some group knows better than you, and needs to take control for the benefit of the greater good.

I will say that I hope Gary Johnson gets the nomination. I will vote for him if he does. I won’t tell you to, but I do hope that you take the time to research his platform. He does own a marijuana company if that helps. Just make sure your voice is your own, because sincerity is never a waste.

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I am a 34 year old writer, cab driver,and an Anarcho-capitalist. I devote much of my time to political theory and good music.