This Election Day, Remember Your Furry Friends


Election Day is when American humans come together and make their voices heard at the voting booth. This is an important ritual to ensure fairness and that political oppression only affects those with minority opinions. If a group is denied access to the polls, it’s easy to understand how those that do have the power to vote can disregard the rights of the disenfranchised and pass laws that favor themselves to the detriment of others.

Universal human suffrage was fully attained in the United States in 1965 with the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Unfortunately, the civil rights and interests of our furry canine friends continue to be ignored. Dogs lack the right to vote, and thus they must suffer under a regime of blatant discrimination. For instance:

  • Laws against public urination are actually targeted at bothersome canines
  • Un-neutered dogs are discriminated against and not even allowed in many tax-funded dog parks
  • A dog wandering the street without a human chaperone can legally be kidnapped and euthanized
  • A restaurant owner is permitted to ban someone from his property just for the crime of being a dog
  • The government guarantees that all human children receive 13 years of free obedience training. Dogs receive no obedience training at all – not even an 8 week class.

It will take time to rectify many of these injustices, and granting dogs the right to vote is the first powerful step we can take in that direction. Dogs need to feel as if they are part of a pack. We do untold emotional damage by denying them the vote. Many of us call dogs “man’s best friend.” Isn’t it time we started acting like it?

About Author

Rover is a pedigreed treeing feist. Both his father and mother have won awards for being grand squirrel hunting champions. He spends his time fighting for equal rights and devising new techniques to catch more squirrels. He supports the second ammendment and believes that every squirrel dog owner should have a rimfire rifle and .410 shotgun ready to go at all times.