[Ep.46] Motionimation. Dash’s evolution. Ledger wallet giveaway!


Enter our “How Do You Crypto?” contest to win a Ledger wallet. Motionimation’s marketing videos available for Bitcoin (maybe discount?). Schobinger’s blog reminds us of RDOV – monetization models for open-source projects. Dash’s evolution into a no-ugly-addresses-needed payment network.

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Show links:
Ledger wallet & gift tin: https://ledgerwallet.com, https://imgur.com/a/AvuYa
Motionimation (I accidentally said “Motion ANimation”): https://www.motionimation.com/
Schobinger’s blog post: https://schobinger.wordpress.com/2015…
RDOV for FOSS monetization: http://rdov.co/
Dash’s evolving payment protocol: https://www.dash.org/evolution/

Music: “Dukes Up” by Modest Mouse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgU0l…

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