[Ep.48] Coino Index. CoinJabber. Alexandria’s alpha & Nothaus’s release.


Alexandria offers alpha software and content samples. Bernard von Nothaus no longer directly threatened by U.S. government. CoinJabber is the Yelp of cryptocurrency – that pays. Disco Melee set to compete with Twitch; accepting Bitcoin. Coino Index like a mutual fund for cryptocurrency.

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Show links:
Coino Index: http://coinoindex.com/
Liberty Dollar’s Bernard von Nothaus’s release papers: https://t.co/bjLjIeX4Yw
Alpha Alexandrai demo: http://alexandria.media/#/254d9bc6179…
Alexandria samples: http://alexandria.media
CoinJabber review site: https://www.coinjabber.com/
Disco Melee: https://beta.discomelee.com/

Music: ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun’, the Beatles – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTU2Y…

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