Florida Goes Full Retard! Arrests 90 year old man for Feeding Homeless.


On Sunday 90 year old Arnold Abbott and two local pastors were charged for violating Fort Lauderdale’s new city ordinance that bans giving out food in public. What does Abbott intend on doing now? Well on Wednesday night he plans on getting cited again while feeding some of the city’s estimated 10,000 homeless people on a public beach.

Abbott founded Love thy Neighbor (a non-prophit dedicated to helping the less fortunate) over 20 years ago in honor of his late wife Maureen.  Abbott has been in and out of court battling tyrannical anti-charity legislation for years.

Fort Lauderdale is the 13th city in the nation that has passed legislation prohibiting feeding the homeless since 2012.

For me the saddest part about all of this is that more people will probably take offense to me using the word “retard” in a derogatory context than the State’s prohibition of voluntary charity.

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