To the folks who ‘Demand Congress do something!’


We can’t see into a universe where guns were banned nationwide a long time ago. For in this gun-free universe, the Vegas massacre could have been ‘just another day in Europe.’ A country of people who want to suppress the right to self-preservation is a country whose people will not survive. To the people who demand that lawmakers do something, I demand the same from you…

It’s time to address the mental health issue our country is facing. It’s time to hold the agents of dissonance accountable for their propaganda. You might be one of these agents. We have been painting a story of the evil systemically racist and sexist vile system we call our home. We have painted our nation in the spittle of masochism. We consider ourselves pious to remind each other that our very existence is murdering the planet. We’ve shouted that the roots of our genes come from historic vampires feeding on the world’s innocent. Our spines have curled from an exclamation to a question. Self-love has “taken a knee” in exchange for attention.

We cut new scarlet letters out of the fabric of our pillows and place our marks of shame on anyone who remains standing. We decry oppression when the village won’t gather as former men spank each other in public. We are rewarded for telling each other how sinful we are from sex all the way to religion. We pretend to cradle our children’s ears as we hold up signs with swastikas and scream about someone’s “pussy.” How is an empathic child going to see themselves after all of this. There is no “equality” in ethno-masochism and madness. This is not a garden for a healthy mind to seed.

Mental health is impossible when we are too busy analyzing our own reflection. We are obsessed with portraying the right image and we’ve lost our point of center. Our soul is trapped inside a mirror looking back at the flaws of our own body. We watch through a kaleidoscope and cry “SEE!!” when we don’t find every color. Worse, we strap this device to our eye-sockets and wander through the low forest proving how painful the journey can be.

Self-preservation is self-love. This is not a right to be debated. It’s a fundamental function of nature and deciding it should be curtailed is to advocate for one’s destruction. This is the prime definition of poor mental health. The first to go are always the ones with nothing to lose. Stop giving people more reasons to think they have nothing to lose.

If you want to help, stop calling your congressman and start rejecting the pretenders. Stop giving them respect, money and attention. Stop repeating the corporate media pretending to be human. See the worthiness inside your personal culture and turn your spine straight again. Recognize the dogma pretending to be compassion. See the self-loathing for what it’s always been, a leak in the vessel that keeps swearing the ocean is rising.

We are reborn every day in the spirit of self-preservation. When we demand congress “do something” we are asking them to take this away.

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A mushroom lurking under the canopy of southern appalachia.