When a Fool Speaks the Truth, Does it Become Untrue?


When a fool speaks the truth, does it become untrue?

Of course not. Truth is the truth regardless of who says it. It is an illusion, a psychological trick sometimes, to associate an idea with the speaker of that idea. That’s because the idea itself is not inherently associated with the speaker: it exists by itself and can be proven or disproven, if it is such a concrete idea.

By: Cassius Kamarampi

This article first appeared at EraOfWisdom

This is a relevant, common type of mind trick to understand: it’s critical to understand if we’re going to survive 2017 without propagandists, mainstream media outlets, and power players ripping our peace to shreds with the obnoxious sirens of their confusion campaigns.

In 2016, we’ve been hit hard on all sides by propaganda. The bar has really been raised for “media to confuse and rile people up,” if you know what I mean. We need resilience to this.

To make sure we are never easily confused or divided again, it would be wise for us to get our minds straight and get some logical fallacies understood.

One particularly difficult to recognize tactic of confusing people is letting a foolish person speak the truth, and then correlating the truth to foolishness.

Some believe mainstream television, movies, and other media program people with subliminal messages. While it would make the most sense to explore tangible, provable connections between government and media (which is well documented, the CIA helping write movies, ect), this is how it would be done, if it’s being done or not.

If it were being done, it would probably look a little bit like this:

If someone wanted to make the truth look stupid, wouldn’t it look exactly like that?

That’s right, Infowars and Alex Jones make the truth look ridiculous.

Some of what they report is nonsense, some of what they report is so shockingly on point it makes you wonder whether or not they are part of some campaign of disinformation.

If you think it’s implausible for powerful people to be funding campaigns to make the truth look crazy, research COINTELPRO. After decades of history seeing propaganda play out, controlling people, the info is in abundance if you care to find it.

Propaganda is powerful: it is the historical norm in controlling populations and if someone can fathom a twisting, turning maze of deception that can be used for an agenda, it exists. If you can fathom it, power players and strategists have probably thought of it before.

We need to be savvy to all forms of deception.

We need to rationally think through things instead of having kneejerk reactions to new information, automatically believing that something is untrue because of how outlandish it sounds, or because a fool said it: that’s the only way out of one of the most fatal ways of thinking.

It’s a multifaceted world of deception out there if you weren’t already aware.

From your average sociopath or criminal, to high level government officials and the silent power players in big industry, the world we live in demands that we stay sharp and cool about what we believe: mindful and ready to change our agile opinions with the reception of new info, but not so agile and formless that we lack discipline to act on what we find to be real.

The only way to build a better world is to not fall for the traps; the traps set for us that previous generations have made seem normal.


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