Global Warming Activists Litter Streets With Trash During Protests To Save The Planet


Some activists were celebrating this week’s “Flood Wallstreet” march as an overwhelming success, based on the number of people who came out and the amount of publicity that they received.  However, the actual protests may have done more harm than good, not only because their only proposed solutions were government policies and taxes, but also because they littered the streets of many different cities with trash.

So while these people are in the streets begging for the government to intervene in the lives of individuals under the guise of environmentalism, they are tossing their protest signs and Styrofoam containers all over the street.

At a rally in London:

At a rally in New York:

While there are many environmental challenges facing our species on this planet, the supposed solutions put forward at these protests were extremely political in nature, and they are not proper solutions to the issues at hand.

The latest scheme of the ruling class is exploiting environmentalism and fears of “global warming” to establish a carbon credit taxing system. The rationale of this theory is that human beings are creating environmental destruction via their use of carbon, so the suggested solution is to tax the average people and control their energy use. Yet, the average citizens aren’t responsible for the majority of the world’s environmental destruction, nor are they responsible for the majority of the world’s carbon output. In fact, the 50 largest transport sea vessels produce more carbon than all the cars in the world. These are military vessels, oil tankers and other transport vehicles for governments and large state subsidized corporations.

If the socialists were to read some of their own most cherished books, they would find that government is largely to blame for the environmental problems that are currently being experienced on this planet.

Howard Zinn’s research in “A Peoples History of the United States Of America” revealed that “In 1992 more than a 100 countries participated in the earth summit environmental conference in Brazil. Statistics showed that the armed forces of the world were responsible for two thirds of the gasses that depleted the ozone layer. But when it was suggested that the earth summit consider the effects of the military on environmental degradation the United States delegation objected and the suggestion was defeated.”

Despite their obvious guilt, the perpetrators of these crimes place the blame everywhere but themselves and use their political power so they can actually benefit from all the destruction they are causing. Al Gore is currently the main spokesman for the carbon based global warming theory, he is also one of the primary advocates for a worldwide carbon tax and he is closely involved with businesses that stand to reap large profits as a result of his various legislative moves in Washington.

His primary efforts involve reducing the energy uses of the general public, yet he has a mansion in the Belle Meade area of Tennessee which consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, citing data from the Nashville Electric Service. When this information went public he defended himself by saying that he pays a “carbon offset”, but what he didn’t say is that he paid it through a company that he owned called Generation Investment Management. In other words, he paid the money to himself! Carbon taxing was not a plan that Al Gore came up, that was his good friend and Founder of the embattled ENRON Corporation, Ken Lay. This makes perfect sense considering the fact that ENRON was an energy company which had very close ties in Washington, and they were notorious for concocting brilliant yet deceitful schemes to fleece the public out of their hard earned money.

See some free market solutions below:

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