The Global Warming Ruse


There is so much talk about climate change these days. Is it a result of human activity? Is it just the normal cyclical change the Earth always goes through? I believe it is a combination of both. The Earth’s climate has always been in flux; there have been times of great heating and times of cooling.

The proponents of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) would have us believe that mankind is the only cause of the change in climate we are now experiencing. They would have us believe that humanity’s increased use of fossil fuels has caused irreparable damage to the Earth. My question to them is who causes this change, the suburban American that burns natural gas for heat or the African bushman who burns dung? The American farmer that uses a gallon of Diesel fuel for every 5 acres of land he plows or the Chinese farmer plowing with methane producing oxen? Now, the AGW advocate will say that the suburban American and the American farmer have a larger carbon footprint because of their affluence. But what if we all returned to burning dung and using oxen? Wouldn’t the climate be far more threatened by millions of dung fires and millions of oxen? Yet this is the result of the AGW advocate’s thinking: to give up the things that use fossil fuels.

Hidden in all the talk about climate change is something far more insidious and far more dangerous. Every proposal to “combat” AGW involves more government control and a larger burden on the very things that make the West prosperous. Taxation of carbon dioxide, onerous regulations that, in fact, decrease the efficiency of gas and diesel burning vehicles and miniscule changes such as the type of light bulbs we use do not help alleviate climate change one iota. The AGW crowd is devoid of ideas that will ease the inevitability of climate change. They only recite the litany of horrors, the unavoidability of humans to prevent a cataclysm that will lead to the destruction of the planet, if not the solar system and the universe. They want us to turn to solar and wind, energy sources that are far more expensive and far less efficient. Isn’t it amazing that the proponents of these energy sources are turning to government and its cronies for relief?

The champions of this movement fly on private jets while they deride the jet exhaust that contains greenhouse gasses. They live in mammoth estates that burn more energy than entire neighborhoods. They have fleets of automobiles. Thus, the AGW crowd does not really believe their own hype about climate change. They are doomsday prophets that want to convince the masses that, because of climate change, we need the government to control energy, transportation and manufacturing to ensure that we are doing our best to combat this dreaded situation. The whole movement is about one thing: socialism.

There may be a human component in climate change. I think it is miniscule. When volcanoes erupt, the climate changes radically. The force and amount of climate changing material that a volcano can produce is exponentially greater than what we produce in any given year. Climate change is also a fact. The climate has always changed and always will.

The AGW advocates like to cite that human activity can cause changes in climate. But large-scale nuclear war or meltdowns have not and are likely to ever occur. Yet they use this remote possibility to demand we give up our prosperity in favor of a government controlled existence. Theirs is a world of public transportation for the masses and free conveyance for the wealthy and well-connected. Theirs is a world of rationing of resources and rolling blackouts. Theirs is a world of urbanization and multi-family housing.

This is socialism at its most insidious. Bringing fear to the people to gain control is no new strategy. AGW has been knocked down statistically over and over. Yet the mantra remains the same. The urbanists and the deep ecologists have joined hands with the socialists and communists. Don’t mistake this as science; it’s government domination.

About Author

Dave Jones has been an active Libertarian for 30 years. He currently resides in Northern California, Murica's regulationland with his lovely mate Diane. He is currently working toward liberating the Northern California region from the State through the State of Jefferson movement.