Government Forces Farmer To Dump 248 Gallons Of Raw Milk & 1200 Free Range Eggs


Meanwhile, residents in nearby Detroit live in third-world conditions.

Credit: Hill High Dairy via Facebook

Credit: Hill High Dairy via Facebook

You know the system is flawed when government officials go after individuals producing nutritious crops, such as raw milk and eggs, and do little to assist the families suffering in third-world conditions in nearby Detroit.

By: Amanda Froelich

This article first appeared at TrueActivist

As it is, the Michigan Department of Agriculture had a hay day (pun intended) on a farm in Standish, Michigan, when it shut down and forced a family co-op to dump out 248 gallons of milk, break hundreds of eggs, and discard of an undisclosed amount of fresh cream, butter, and cheese.

According to a  Facebook post by the owners of Hill High Dairy, Joe and Brenda Golimbieski, the farm came under attack because the owner of My Family Co-op, Jenny Samuelson, was “selling food without a license.” Despite the fact that the farm is a co-op where people must buy shares, the MDA said that the co-op contracts were invalid because the food was being shared, rather than sold.

In effect, the farmers were forced to dump large amounts of perfectly good – and nutritious – food. The Hill High Dairy wrote that the agents from the MDA actually stood over the family, watching them as they destroyed their crops.

“100 dozen eggs… Each egg had to be broken. 248 gallons dumped in a sprayer that had to be witnessed by MDA being dumped and sprayed on the field.”

Credit: Hill High Dairy via Facebook

Credit: Hill High Dairy via Facebook

It is pertinent to note that because co-op members paid for their shares, the MDA technically stole food that belonged to many members of the community. Understandably, this fact has enraged many citizens.

One co-op member wrote on the Hill High Dairy’s Facebook page:

“This is such a shame! I paid for these products and this is what happened!!!! They are all criminals!!! Government stealing all our food! I paid just so that Jenny and the farmers didn’t have to carry the burden all on their own!!!! A crying shame. Shame on Michigan’s Department of Agriculture! Criminals everyone on u!!!!”

Shortly after the incident was announced online, advocates for fresh, raw dairy spoke out against the injustice. David Gumpert, who owns the website The Complete Patient, was one of them. He wrote:

“The government-sponsored dump of nearly $5,000 of milk, eggs, butter, and cream from Michigan’s My Family Co-Op yesterday carried a very clear and powerful political message to all Americans: We control your food and we don’t like you buying your food outside the corporate food system. Every now and then, we are going to remind you of what bad children you are being by taking your food and throwing it in the garbage. In fact, we are going to do more than remind you, we are going to completely humiliate you by preventing you from even feeding it to farm animals and instead forcing it to be disposed of in a landfill or dumpster…

…If you think I am exaggerating the intent of what is going on here, ask yourself this question: When was the last time you saw government agents seize and condemn food from a place like Foster Farms or Taco Bell or Del Monte or Kellogg’s or Trade Joe’s when their food has been found to contain pathogens, or made people sick? There’s been not even a suggestion that food at My Family Co-Op contained pathogens or made anyone sick. (Read the rest of Mr. Gumpert’s excellent essay on the subject)”

Credit: Hill High Dairy via Facebook

Credit: Hill High Dairy via Facebook

FreedomOutPost points out the hypocrisy of the system. Apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable for factory farms in the state to keep livestock in unsanitary, cramped conditions, but unacceptable for an organic farm to exist that treats its animals right and produces high-quality, organic dairy for local consumers.

When people are bullied into becoming dependent upon corporate monopolies, you know the system is flawed. Please show your support for the High Hill Dairy farm by visiting their Facebook page and lending encouragement.

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