Video: Cop Shoots Fleeing ‘Human Being’ In Back Further Demonstrates Why Filming Cops Is Important


Every time I see a video of police brutality I am further reminded of the importance of filming police.  I am reminded of how many times atrocities like this have happened and there was no camera present and the psychopathic Barney Fifes of the world have gotten away with murder.  Filming Police keeps them accountable and if they are actually doing their job “properly” it protects them from false allegations.

I think most can agree that if you want to get to bottom of what really happened in any situation that you did not personally witness, film is probably the best, most sure fire way to do so.  Why is it that the filming of police in public places in often met with such scrutiny?  If you can legally film anybody in a  public place should men wearing costumes and shiny badges receive legal exemption?

Walter Scott was shot in the back 5 times by North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager after a traffic stop. After the shooting Slager was seen dropping a taser that he claimed Scott had taken from him.  If not for the heroic citizen filming this encounter one can only imagine the possible outcome.  Would cowardly back-shooter Slager be prosecuted? Would we have even heard about it?

I feel it necessary to note something that I find totally troubling about the media’s coverage of this cold blooded murder.  I don’t see the necessity in constantly noting the victim and shooter’s race in every fucking headline.  While it is important to mention the notorious history of cops oppressing, brutalizing & murdering blacks.  One should remember that black cops can be found on many a video doing just the same.  The media likes to always spin these situations as a black-white thing instead of a police state thing.  Thus eradicating blame from a system that is inherently flawed.  Constant race baiting by an irresponsible media only further divides the people while distracting them from the most obvious problem at hand.

The victim’s race doesn’t/shouldn’t matter.  It doesn’t/shouldn’t make his/her life any more or less important.  I know many a white folks who don’t feel safe when police are around as much as they feel threatened.  The fact that so many feel this way regardless of color is a huge fucking problem that maybe sheds insight to the heart of the problem.  Maybe if the justice system concentrated harder on real crimes like murder, rape & robbery and less on nanny state dictated victimless non-crimes…  Police would be viewed in a different light.

Walter Scott was a father of four who served in the United States Coast Guard.

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