The Greatest System in the World!


Can you think of a better system than democracy? We all get an opportunity to vote for the people who rule over us. So we all get a voice, right?

By Cash Snowden @ Art of Not Being Governed

Well let’s do the math together. Let’s say there is no government. You and your family live in a cute house in a village in a rural area. You are well armed, you have a security system with cameras, a guard dog or two. How much of a voice does your family have inside that home? 100% right? No one who doesn’t live there has a higher voice regarding you or your stuff than you and your family does, correct? Even if you form a neighborhood watch defense alliance, you don’t have to be ruled in your own home to have a common defense.

Now let’s say some imperialists invade the village, because your neighborhood watch wasn’t big enough or organized enough. These imperialists want to form a sovereign community to make the rules for you in your own house. They come bearing the gift of democracy. A thousand people in the village get to pick the ruler (an imperialist puppet most likely) who will now make the rules for you in your own home. As a person in the village, you now, you are assured, have 1/1000th of a voice in your own living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

You are outnumbered and are ‘legally’ required now to get rid of your dangerous pitbull who guards your home. You are outnumbered now and required to stop growing those 6 marijuana plants in your backyard. You are outnumbered now and required to stop growing food in your front yard and to keep your lawn maintained according to community standards.

A council is set up, a legislative (rule making) group who regularly meet to invent more and more and more and more and more rules for you to obey in your own home. Occasionally they will repeal or alter one or two rules, but this is a big deal when it happens, and a truly rare event. Otherwise they just meet regularly, forever and ever, making more and more and more and more and more restrictions, bans, regulations, fines, taxes, registrations, ordinances.

But democracy is better than when you had 100% voice in your own home, right? Isn’t democracy the greatest system in the world?

Let’s say authority is centralized so that thousands of communities like yours in a region called a state become subject(s) to another “legislative body” that makes more and more rules forever without end, and then this state joins a massive regional union for the common defense which requires the state to surrender its sovereignty, the same way you surrendered your sovereignty in your own home when the village council was established. The state legislators are pleased to see that their rule enforcers will not have to contend with your guard dogs in order to enforce the rules they make for you in your own home. But now they also want you to turn in your security cameras and your guns. Only their enforcers need security equipment, they say.

Eventually some very clever schemers buy up all the news media and tell people what a wonderful system “democracy” is. They control the foundations that provide all the universities with educational and research grants, controlling the teaching of politics and history. They covertly push the idea that everyone should have fair and equal incomes regardless of their differences in productivity, creativity or self control.

The very clever schemers, in corrupt back room deals, in clandestine lodges and clubs, covertly arrange for a scientific consensus that humans around the world are creating catastrophic global environmental change, and that therefore humans must be regulated by a global central authority powerful enough for both resource redistribution and for environmental salvation. Who would question such a noble and necessary purpose?

Now you have one voice in, let’s say, ten billion or so voices under world federalism…one ten billionth of a say in the rules in your bedroom, and kitchen. I can think of a better system than democracy.

I can think of one where we let people make the rules in their own bedrooms, backyards and kitchens so long as they don’t victimize actual victims. Respecting individual liberties and individual property rights is a far better system in my view than global slavery based on covert manipulation and lies.

If you are not in support of world federalism, then you at the very least want the current system of international anarchy between nations to be respected. So those of us who oppose global centralized rulers—we’re all anarchists in a way. We’re all voluntaryists in a way. Let’s talk more about why we are, and why we don’t demand that same sovereignty in our own bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and back yards.

But the U.S. founders established a republic, not a democracy!! Yes, I get that this is what you were taught, that we were meant to be a system where your rulers are chosen to have a democracy FOR YOU, where your unalienable rights are respected because of constitutional limitations and enumerated powers.

But is that what happens in reality when you elect rulers to express your democratic voice for you, rulers bound by constitutional limitations? Do they respect those limitations? Do they have to? Do judges have to interpret things in a way that protects the rights you are promised? When they say “or else what?” what is your response? China has a constitution. The USSR had a constitution. North Korea has a constitution. All these are examples of republics.

There are two kinds of people, those who defend their brainwashing, and those who think about what they were taught. It is ancient, this struggle, and its two sides: those who think and question authority, demanding real freedom, and the brainwashed minions defending the emotional comfort provided by their imprinting, their beloved paradigm, which tells them how necessary it is to surrender their sovereignty to rulers making rules to keep everyone safe in their own homes.

Which side are you on?

This article originally appeared at Art of Not Being Governed