Gun Control, Background Checks & The Fix NICS Act


Unconstitutional gun control measures are coming, but they won’t appear to be a massive gun grab on the surface. See, the government knows that if it proposes a bill called the “Take Guns Away From Americans Act,” there is no way it will pass. So instead they take the legislation they want to pass, and they bury it inside of a bill that looks harmless, with a catchy title such as the “STOP School Violence Act.” That just happens to be the name of a bill that Congress is planning to push as early as this week! But the reality is that this bill has nothing to do with putting an end to school violence, and everything to do with helping to pass the Fix NICS Act. Full story and sources: If you want to support my work, and if you want access to exclusive content, subscribe to my Patreon: Follow on Social Media: YouTube: Facebook:… Twitter: Instagram:… Steemit: For more information, check out my website: