Hey you, with the safety pin! You’re a bigot and here’s why.


You are safe now, with me. How? Look, I am wearing a safety pin. You can trust me. Guess what, if this is you, you my friend are a bigot. Here is why. First fallacy, Trump being a racist, rapist, and LGBTQ predator is a thought you chose to let enter your mind by your media of choice. You saw your friend thumb-upping articles that called Trump names. It’s fun to huddle under the covers and hide from monsters. Well, it’s fun if you have a monster you know can’t actually hurt you. I know this because horror movies don’t show a guy in a hospital bed dying of cancer for two hours. People don’t want to be scared; they want the thrill of being scared. Point is, you let your media filter sit on its ass and forgot what was actually true about Trump.

Trump is not Hitler, Trump is a Jersey Shore Baller.

If you’re going to claim fear because Trump exists, what about the Jersey guy we both know packed your Amazon package last Monday. You know that guy high-fived his buddy because he got some revenge butt sex from his ex while she clung to the water heater. Men are crude creatures. They will trash talk women and if all the guys you know are liberal and shriek and say “no one does that at my gym” they don’t have masculine friends. They certainly haven’t been in a military barracks. Yes, men are crude and cruel. But ladies, holy Jesus, don’t even get me started. Crap, too late. What about the girl who convinces you she loves you so she can get a new roof on her house and a pre-owned Honda? Meanwhile, you’re married, calling her voicemail at another pretty sunset while she’s getting boned on a day-rental yacht and telling you she’s with her sick dad. The point is, no one is safe, men or women. A safety pin does not address nor make anyone safe; boundaries do. And boundaries apply to the media you choose to eat. You eat those words like alphabet soup but your mind is digesting every letter. This appetite is causing you indigestion and you are shaming other people for it in two ways.

  1. You are projecting myth onto a constructed demagogue, Donald J Trump.
  2. You are projecting your already projected qualities onto 59.4 million voters (and counting).

Do I need to explain this? You do know what a bigot is right? If not, look at your profile pic with the safety pin. You are judging the entire contents of someone’s character and intentions on some graphite in an oval. That person had one out of three to five choices. If ovals scare you, you need to stop voting. You are not afraid. You are pissed. You are pissed at Clinton’s Frankenstein. That poor, stupid, orange, club-footed reality star who stumbled into the party and literally kicked everybody’s ass in the tent and still left with the prize.

The media is more like professional wrestling than professional wrestling.

If you are a liberal, you’ve always known this about Fox News but assumed the Daily Show must be legit. You might have been assuming CNN or ABC was still on the straights. News is produced.  Think about that. News is not reported. News is produced. You can parse that out and see how there’s a really big difference between these two things. Think of how you watch an infomercial. That’s how you should watch your news. You’ve got this skeptical healthy boundary to the whole thing. You could take it or leave it. Either way, you know deep down, their goal is not for you to be healthier or look great. They don’t begrudge you that, of course. But that’s not the goal. That show is produced too. It’s produced for a specific reason. You know that. As you look at your news, look at the advertisers on that show, but also look at who owns the network. What are their priorities? More importantly, do you think a corporation would ever just own media because they had journalistic integrity? Yes, corporations can possess integrity, but like the infomercial, it’s not their target.

Think about it, I’m obviously a bitter, divorced, white male who doesn’t owe you a dime. I am a written infomercial where I’m hoping to gain some readers. This is my first published article so my ego is on the line and I’ve already wasted most of my Saturday afternoon versus hanging drywall like I should be doing. See, you need boundaries with this piece too. Thanks for reading and grow some boundaries.

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