Hillary’s Opaqueness Has Led to Hatred of Free Speech


One of the few things that libertarians and liberals used to see eye-to-eye on was freedom of speech and freedom of the press – key words “used to.”

Between the Obama presidency and the current Hillary Clinton “campaign” for presidency (I put quotes because she hasn’t talked to the press at all), Democrats have been squashing personal freedoms, many of which they claim to cherish. No liberties that Democrats once claimed to love have been under attack more than those guaranteed by the first amendment, namely freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The latest offender in this blatant assault on vital personal freedoms has been Clinton. As mentioned before, Clinton has taken every opportunity to avoid the press, which is fine, because she doesn’t currently hold an elected office and she’s only hurting herself by doing so. However, she doesn’t stop there; she tries to stifle free speech and free press. Clinton recently had her campaign staff use feet of rope to herd off reporters like cattle during a parade in New Hampshire.

Images of Clinton’s staff pushing reporters behind a moving line were eerily reminiscent of something out of the Soviet Union or North Korea, where “government bullies,” as Sen. Rand Paul refers to them, decide how a public session with the press will go, instead of the other way around.

This type of mentality from the Clinton camp could have a terrifying chilling effect on reporters, who may fear that if they get too close to the Empress of the Democratic Party, that they’ll be treated like simple domesticated animals, and instead will go pursue stories on much more interesting candidates (pretty much anyone in the field fits that mold).

Not to mention, even if the reporters were allowed close enough to the opaque pantsuit that is Hillary Clinton, they most likely wouldn’t get any answers out of her, and certainly no true stances on any of the issues (just look at her flip-flop on gay marriage).

However absurd Clinton’s disdain for free speech and free press is, it shouldn’t come as a shocker. She, in April 2014, rallied against Edward Snowden for coming forth with information regarding the NSA. Then there was the whole ongoing email scandal, which in and of itself shows her unfitness to take on the role of presidency, a role that should be the pinnacle of transparency, but hasn’t in decades.

Most indicative of the former Secretary of State’s disdain toward freedom of speech, however, could be her utter lack of response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the most egregious attack on freedom of speech in recent memory. Clinton never released a single statement about the attacks, not one. Meanwhile, candidates like Paul condemned the attacks on Charlie Hebdo.

Simply put, Hillary’s utter lack of transparency has led to her hatred toward free speech and free press. If she ever gets to the Oval Office, this could be the most petrifying period for journalism, ever.  

About Author

Dan King is a founding father of the Niagara University College Libertarians, a liberty-minded blogger and the staff reporter for the Whitehall Times, a weekly newspaper in upstate New York. He can be found on twitter @Kinger_Reporter.