Homeland Security is Planting GPS Trackers on Immigrants After they Enter the Country


According to several recent reports, the Department of Homeland Security has been placing GPS tracking units on migrants that they catch crossing the border without government-issued paperwork.

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The new program is said to act as a sort of “house arrest” when the immigrant fails to comply with government orders, or fails to jump through one of the many hoops that they are required to deal with, just for the ability to move across a government border.

The device will look and work exactly like an ankle bracelet that prisons use in their house arrest programs.

If the person misses a meeting or if the government feels the need to deport them, they can be easily found at any time.

There are likely many other purposes that the Department of Homeland Security will use this data for, but they are claiming that it is only intended to ensure that they can “keep in contact” with the new residents.

These details were revealed just recently when immigrant advocates met with the Department of Homeland Security about their current policies. It was revealed during the meeting that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) started tracking new immigrants with GPS devices in the beginning of December.

In the pilot version of the program, ICE says they are tracking 250 “heads of household” who were caught traveling with their families through the Rio Grande Valley. However, by the end of the year ICE plans on having about 29,000 immigrants monitored with GPS devices.

As we reported earlier this month, Obama may have offered amnesty to new residents that have traveled from foreign countries, but along with that will come a more intensified police state at the border, to prevent anyone new from getting in. In fact, the largest immigration detention center in the country was just built in Texas, and that facility is specifically designed to house women and children.

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