Homeless Man Arrested For Digging A “Hobbit Hole” Cave In A Public Park


A homeless man was arrested in Fairfax Virginia this week after police discovered a home that he made for himself in a local park. 25-year-old Yosue Joel Rios had actually dug himself a hole that went 15 feet underground and led to a cave that he also created. The cave had two rooms and the entrance was covered with plywood and leaves and was actually located just 200 yards behind the Fairfax Police Department.

By:  John Vibes

This article first appeared at TrueActivist

The entrance was noticed by people who were passing by and they called the police. When police arrived on the scene they found the hole filled with various research books that Rios must have been using to study at the time. Rios was not home when the police arrived, but they waited for him to get home and quickly arrested him for destruction of property. The police told the media that Rios would not tell them how long it took to make the cave or how long he had been living there.

“To the left was a small alcove that was a little smaller where we thought he was sleeping. The room to the right was a bit larger from floor to ceiling that was about 5½ feet tall, so you could almost stand up,Officer Natalie Hinesley told reporters.

“I’ve never seen an underground cave, but I have seen homeless camps like tents and makeshift shelters above ground. But I have never seen something as intricate as this,” she added.

The city has already rushed to close the hole to prevent anyone falling in. Local residents said that they respected Rios for building his own home and making the best out of his situation.

In addition to the destruction of property charge against him, Rios is now facing outstanding warrant from Arlington county for failing to appear at court for traffic charges.

This article first appeared at TrueActivist