Identity Politics Must Die


As I watch the events unfold in Oregon, I cannot help but notice the draconian nature of political culture. It seems that people are extremely willingly to support government aggression so long as it’s compelled on their particular scapegoat. This kind of mindset needs to be dead and buried.  Identity politics has to go and never come back.

By:  Vincent Birrittella

This article first appeared at Liberty.Me 

Nowadays, terrorism seems to be the perfect route to take to cause an uproar.  Left and right both take advantage of a public that’s filled with anxiety and uncertainty.  The incidents in Oregon really show that liberals actually have a bit of neocon in them: as long as the people they despise are the possible perpetrators, it doesn’t really matter what the government does to them.

For god sakes, I saw some supposed liberal doves calling for drone strikes! How can you not be frightened by such thoughts? (Thats a warning for you beer-bellied, Don’t Tread on Me–flag waving, and gun-bearing middle-aged white men.  The liberals got drones and they wanna use them.)

These people are not terrorists, and no act of violence has been committed by these people.  If occupying a public space for protest is a criminal act, then leftists causes are just as guilty.  No one would consider Occupy Wall Street to be terrorists or criminals just for occupying a public space, nor should they be. Guns don’t make it any intrinsically different.

I wish these people actually knew what could possibly result if the government decided to violently kill these people: a more reckless and authoritarian state. And let me remind the liberals that it’s the same state that brutalizes minorities — a group that liberals would die for — on a routine basis.  But that is none of my business.

Don’t think I’m letting conservatives off the hook.  As many internet liberals have ironically pointed out — since they are guilty of the same illogical conclusions — conservatives wouldn’t be so happy right now if those people were muslims or minorities.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a conservative propose a drone strike on a Black Lives Matter protest — I wouldn’t be surprised if one did — but they are egregious perpetrators of identity politics, and just as guilty as liberals.

Conservatives surely want to use the government to have Muslims under a magnifying glass and monitor constantly.  This has led to their Mosques and places of worship to be stalked and spied on with no remorse.  Who can also forget how they wanted to keep innocent Muslim refugees from coming over from their war-torn countries — wars that our country is responsible for — and how some want to set up government databases for anyone who’s Muslim.  It’s also ironic how conservatives get upset when blacks try to stand up against government oppression.  Show me a time where a conservative hasn’t defended a maniac cop who unjustly harmed an African American.

Its pretty clear that conservatives are not so keen on Muslims or people of color, and this mindset keeps the evils of identity politics alive and ready to be used.

As we can see, no matter what side of the political aisle you are on, identity politics is not only dangerous but it shows how hideous these ideas are.  It also shows that people brush off government aggression so long as it’s against the right people.  Instead of looking at individuals as unique beings, they take a characteristic and turn a group of people into a ruthless villain.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a liberal thirsting for the alcohol-infested blood of old white men, and it doesn’t matter if it’s conservatives who wish to bring back internment camps and fascistic policies for Muslims.  Identity politics shows how the state is used as a device to separate and divide people; not only does it do that, it only gives an excuse for the state to gain power, and it gradually turns our government into a reaper overlord who will do the bidding of those who are in control of it.  It is time to kill these dumb caricatures of people.  We must do it before it gets the best of us.

This article first appeared at Liberty.Me