Iowa Libertarian US Senate candidate dies in plane accident


Dr. Doug Butzier, the Iowa Libertarian Party candidate for the US Senate, died in a plane crash Monday.

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“Doug was an outstanding person, and always willing to help others”, said Iowa LP chair Keith Laube.

“Dr. Doug Butzier’s passing is a tragic loss for those who believe government is way too big and that health care is best delivered by the private sector,” said Carla Howell, Political Director for the Libertarian National Committee. “A conscientious man, he ran for office to make America a better place today and in the future.”

Butzier, an Emergency Room physician, was in one of the most closely-watched federal races this year, which includes Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joan Ernst.

From Dr. Butzier’s website:

I am Douglas Butzier and with your support I intend to represent the citizens of Iowa in the United States Senate.  Although I have no political experience, I believe that is one of the best reasons to vote for me to represent YOU in this country’s seat of government.  I am ONE OF YOU.  I am a citizen of this state, this community, this town.  As an emergency room doctor, every day I prove my ability to make critical decisions in pressure cooker environments.  I am used to stress and I am practiced in exerting skills required in life and death situations.  I believe that the people need authentic representation and I am here to offer my skills, my compassion and my dedication to represent you as your Senator from Iowa.

More from his website:

I have long been concerned about the incredible national debt and its threat, not only to our national security, but to the very survival of our place as the greatest nation on earth.  Our current political leaders are continuing to mortgage our children’s and our grandchildren’s future security and prosperity so they don’t have to make what they think are difficult, unpopular choices.   The time has come for a change. I believe that Americans are ready for some serious reductions in federal spending in order to preserve our nation.  The passage of ObamaCare was the final straw for me.  I believe that putting the government in charge of our health care system, let alone 17% of the GDP, is a huge mistake.  We need to get the federal government out of healthcare, out of the marketplace, out of the classroom and out of our wallets.

Iowans can cast a vote for Doug Butzier for US Senate and for liberty on November 4. His name will remain on the ballot.

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