Israelis Declare Carrying Firearms Helpful in Preventing ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks


Israel  — In the wake of several “lone wolf” attacks, the Israeli government is encouraging citizens to carry personal firearms with them at all times while in public. The attacks have been conducted by Palestinians wielding nothing more than knives, but have struck terror into the heart of Israel.

By:  Justin King

This article first appeared at ANTIMEDIA

During the attacks, which are being conducted in reprisal for a long seriesof Israeli provocations, Palestinians simply walk into an area the Israelis believe to be safe and begin stabbing people. Mayors, army officials, and police officials have all stated that civilians carrying firearms are helpful in the disrupting attacks, even though a mob of Israeli settlers recently chased an unarmed teen in the direction of Israeli police, who gunned himdown.

In the United States, this series of events handed the pro-gun lobby a series of major victories. The most obvious is that a government has openly acknowledged that armed civilians are key to defending against lone wolf attacks, like the school shootings that routinely occur in the United States. The fact that the attacks are being carried out with knives and are still having a devastating effect will be used to demonstrate that firearm bans are ineffective, although that isn’t necessarily an accurate representation.

While the fact that an armed citizenry can disrupt lone wolf attacks is an obvious conclusion and one that should go without saying, however, the use of knives has little to do with any gun ban. The Palestinians have no shortage of rifles or pistols. Palestinians in the West Bank can obtain weapons via Lebanon. Fully automatic AK-47s range in price from $400-$1200 dollars depending on the political climate at the time and the smuggling fee. The knives are being used because they are easier to get through security in Israel.

Regardless of the amount of weapons stockpiled by militant organizations in Palestine or the smuggling routes from Lebanon, the knife attacks will certainly be used as “proof” that if guns are banned, killers will simply use knives. That very well may be true, it just isn’t proven by these attacks.

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