It’s a Crime to Be a Bigmouth


Way back in 1997 (April 14th to be exact) I went to withdraw money at an ATM and discovered that $10,000 had been withdrawn by the IRS apparently due to “back taxes.” I had no warning. They may have sent warning letters to my house but my ex-wife had the tendency to throw out official-looking mail without letting me know about it. Needless to say, I was angry and upset.

So I started a little letter writing campaign to let them know how I felt about being robbed without due process. I have never in my life protested paying taxes nor have I ever encouraged anyone not to pay taxes. Despite this, someone at the IRS decided I was a “Tax Protester” and even stamped some of my mail with that label. Who did it? I will never find out because once you are targeted, the government refuses to let you face your accuser.

On December 18th, 2002 my soon-to-be-ex-wife (S2BXW) Angie and I were both fired from our jobs. I am a physician and I was let go by Aurora Health Care in Wisconsin because they said I was too far behind on my charting. Nothing to do with how I took care of patients. In close to 25 years of clinical practice, I have never been sued so the decision by Aurora was purely financial. Angie got fired for an even more insidious reason which I can explain in more detail some other time.

When it was time to do our taxes in 2003, we were out of money and essentially living off of the good graces of local food pantries. I was unable to pay taxes. The inability to pay is far different than the refusal to pay. But the IRS saw it differently. They took what I wrote, the mail that was stamped “Tax Payer” and the inability to pay, put two and two together to make five, and came up with the conclusion that I was some evil genius leading a tax protest movement and that I was using Angie as a cover.

By 2004, the witch hunt against me started. By legal and illegal means, they got into my emails, cellphone calls, and bank accounts. They “interviewed” friends and family, telling them that I was a criminal. They harassed my mom on her birthday, probably figuring that there would be a lot of people at her house so that they could embarrass me even more. Embarrassment is one of their tricks. They used it shamelessly. I was even fired from one ER job at Whitehall, Wisconsin because the president of the hospital, Curtis Johnson, didn’t want to deal with a “criminal.” At one point they even put a GPS sensor into my cellphone. This was long before Edward Snowden revealed that the government was doing this to ALL Americans. I didn’t stand a chance. No one I talked to could believe the government would do these things to their own citizens. As economist John Mauldin says “it doesn’t happen to anyone until it happens to everyone.” Even lawyers thought I was making this up. And the ACLU had their heads stuck so far up their abortion right asses that they didn’t even consider helping me. Trust me: if the ACLU can’t make money off of you, you aren’t worth their time.

The gung-ho IRS criminal agent in charge of the witch hunt was Brandon Bielke. One lawyer called him “a CPA with a gun.” The more he discovered that I was no “evil genius tax protestor” the harder he tried to get something on me. At one time, there were 23 possible charges. Twenty-three! I have been paying taxes since 1971 (I have the Social Security statement here in front of me) and they had that many possible charges. Again, this is a tactic they use. The purpose was to intimidate me into agreeing to certain charges and dropping most of them. They threatened me with imprisonment if I didn’t play their game. I wouldn’t: I never did anything criminal and for me to agree to ANY charge would have been a lie. And I make it a point not to lie.

So what has happened because some nameless, unaccountable person at our friendly IRS decided I was a “tax protester?” I have lost jobs and have been turned down for others. We have lost bank accounts and my retirement fund. I have been humiliated in private and public. Since the Rwandan civil war, I had a non-profit group called The Medicine Cabinet that sent medical equipment and medications to needy areas of the world and they closed that down, claiming it was a cover for my other dastardly deeds. They closed down a non-profit medical clinic that my S2BXW and I started called Genesis HealthCare for the same reason. In fact, all of the start-up costs came from my own pocket and when it folded, I was unable to come up with enough money to pay my 2006 taxes. Even though I filed, the government has now added that to my list of “crimes.” That list has now gone from 23 to just two: evading taxes for the tax years 2002 and 2006. Funny how 21 of them just disappeared. Essentially, the government has stopped me from doing good works and has impoverished me and my family.

In October, 2012, the Department of Justice in Milwaukee got a grand jury to formally indict me for those two charges. Of course they published it in the major newspapers. As I said, humiliation and embarrassment are two of the shameless tactics they use. What has bothered me a lot since then are some “friends” who have abandoned me. Apparently they don’t want to be friends with such a criminal. A grand jury indictment, by the way, does not mean someone is guilty. It just means that the DOJ has convinced the grand jury that they believe they have enough evidence to go to trial. The common (and correct) saying is “a prosecutor can have a grand jury indict a ham sandwich if he wants to.” What am I, chopped liver?”

If this can happen to me, someone who works hard and honestly, and has paid taxes for all but two of the last 43 years (and those two because of the inability to pay), it can happen to you. Every day every adult citizen of this country violates three federal laws, regulations, or rules and it is just a matter of some nameless bureaucrat deciding that you intentionally broke one to start an avalanche of violence, retribution, humiliation, and hate against you. Unfortunately, suicide is an acceptable endpoint for the government, as evidenced by Aaron Swartz. I really can sympathize with what he went through, having been subjected to the same threats and violence that eventually took his life.

My trial is set for May 19th. Wish me the best!

About Author

Michael Mangold, MD is an Emergency Medicine physician (Board Eligible) who has practiced medicine for the last 24 years without a lawsuit against him. He is the father of many, six by two marriages and an unknown number of others because he made money as a med student "donating" to a fertility clinic. He is the author of the Amazon eBook "How To Think Like a Doctor" and its Spanish equivalent and the treatise "Barefoot Doctors." These books are attempts to bring quality health care to all areas of the world and to empower patients and lower-level providers with the knowledge they need to take care of themselves when no doctor is available.