Jeff Berwick on Fall Financial Crisis, Why Socialism is Evil and Why Its Good Robots Take Our Jobs


Jeff is interviewed by Richie Allen on the Richie Allen Show, topics include: Life in Acapulco, the impending market crash and 7/49 year Shemitah cycles, in 2008 the problem was too much debt and money printing and we have had 7 more years of the same, the machinations of debt, the role of central banking in debt and the transfer of wealth to the top, if people understood the monetary system there would be revolution tomorrow, the US involvement in the middle east to institute central banking with aim to Iran and to establish global central banking, socialism and Hugo Chavez, the Chinese yuan devaluation, Christine Lagarde’s numerological speech on the number 7, voluntary society, welfare destroys communities, basic income immoral and an insanity, the beneficent aspect of capitalism and debunking anti capitalist propaganda.

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