Jeff Berwick on the Free Your Mind Podcast: The Shemitah and Ending Government!


Jeff is interviewed by the crew of Free Your Mind Podcast Raoul Pal, Patricia Lager and Bill Church, topics include: the origins of The Dollar Vigilante, The Shemitah and market cycles, the Sabbath year, this years date for the end of the 49 year cycle is on Sept. 13th, the silver price suppression, huge anonymous silver purchases, physical silver unavailability, don’t buy ETFs or other paper assets, the intrinsic value of fiat currency, Bitcoin, paradigm change to decentralization, money in the bank is not your money, fractional reserve banking, increasing capital controls, current police are centrally planned, the drug war is one of the biggest crimes against humanity, CIA involvement, vested interests, the advantage of private security, the current system tends to destroy peoples lives, historically government one of the biggest threats to the people, relative freedom in Mexico, running for the Libertarian Party of Canada to spread ideas, state indoctrination, protecting the troops,

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