Jeffrey Tucker Explains Why Discrimination Should Be 100% Legal


Jeffrey Tucker tells a story about some discrimination that he witnessed firsthand and explains why it helps the free market perform better.

Join Jeffrey Tucker this Sunday for another installment of his Liberty Classics series! This week he’ll be sharing his thought’s on Rothbard’s “Freedom, Inequality, Primitivism and the Division of Labor” (…).

“If men were like ants, there would be no interest in human freedom,” writes Murray Rothbard in this masterpiece of exposition. “If individual men, like ants, were uniform, interchangeable, devoid of specific personality traits of their own, then who would care whether they were free or not? Who, indeed, would care if they lived or died? The glory of the human race is the uniqueness of each individual, the fact that every person, though similar in many ways to others, possesses a completely individuated personality of his own.”

Thus begins Rothbard’s celebration of human freedom and the inequality that is its real glory. And yet in our time, political life celebrates equality above every other virtue — not just equality under the law but equality of opportunity (impossible!) and equality of result (a terrifying ideal!). We come to depend on each other in society because we need each other to accomplish our goals, and we depend on each other because we all have different skills and personal attributes.