Johnny Appleweed Ends the War on Drugs.


Want to hear a fictional story?
Here is a fictional story:

Johnny Appleweed planted cannabis seeds starting on April 20th, 2017.
His friends vowed, against his will, to do the same.

The government couldn’t keep up with the sudden influx of these damn weeds growing EVERYWHERE, and couldn’t justify in their budget the removal of all of these damn plants that would be growing naturally otherwise.

Those taxpayers who carried out the burden of financing these operations grew weary of the financial stress that was a part of this sudden deluge of demand. They defunded those efforts.
The government failed, thus making the case for legal marijuana legitimate and all other efforts against the cause null and void.

Johnny Appleweed was a hero to the people, and martyred, once the DEA assassinated him in the midst of his munchy-driven Fried Chicken Dinner.

Civil Disobedience can be both beautiful and ugly. Please Share Johnny’s story.

Live. Free.

By:  Mark A. Jenkins