Johnson Owns It: “I still can’t come up with a foreign leader I look up to.”


After not being able to answer which foreign leader he looks up to, Johnson has owned the “gaffe”.  Johnson tweeted on Thursday:

After multiple mainstream media outlets spun the “gaffe” as “Johnson can’t name a single foreign leader”…  Once again reaffirming that the only time that the establishment’s lapdog press will give Johnson the time of day is to point out a “gaffe”.   Johnson has doubled down making a crystal clear point.

It’s so hilarious and sad that while all these establishment puppets play so concerned about Johnson’s knowledge of the globe but give Hillary a lifetime pass at being an absolute and total warmonger.

Johnson’s foreign policy of free trade with all and no more U.S. participation in foreign regime change would no doubt make the world a better place.  If you want to end terrorism you first have to stop participating in it.

Governments are generally shitty, leaders are generally shitty.  That’s why I am a libertarian.

Johnson is a small government dude.  The rest of world is pretty big government in relation to the U.S.  When taking that obvious information into account, it’s easy for one to understand why Gary Johnson has a little trouble picking his favorite foreign authoritarian strongman.


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