Julian Assange Comments On DNC Scandal, Promises Next Leak Will Ensure Hillary’s Arrest


According to the founder of WikiLeaks, the site has “accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton, which could proceed to an indictment.”

By:  Amanda Froelich

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In case you missed it, WikiLeaks recently leaked nearly 20,000 emails that were sent by officials of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The emails exposed top officials showing favoritism towards Hillary Clinton’s campaign at the expense of Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary.

In result of the scandal, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, former chair of the DNC, was asked to resign. Just hours after she stepped down, however, Clinton hired the former-party leader to be an honorary chairman of the campaign’s new “50-state” program.

It came as no shock that shortly after the scandal, Julian Assange, who is the founder of WikiLeaks, commented on the DNC’s embarrassing behavior and Clinton’s corrupt campaign.

He told Democracy Now!: 

“I think this instruction by Luis Miranda, the head of communications, to go out and covertly spread anti-Bernie Sanders propaganda is a clear instruction combined with a chain of command. It’s not simply expressing a sentiment. It is expressing an instruction within the DNC to subvert the Bernie Sanders campaign.”

Assange also added that the “close relationship between the DNC and the media” is troubling, and is “something that we’ve all suspect happens, but this is concrete proof of it.”

This isn’t the first time Assange has spoken out again Clinton, or released incriminating information in an attempt to ruin her campaign. In the past, WikiLeaks published 30,322 emails from Clinton’s private email server, spanning from June 30, 2010 to August 12, 2014. Though the information stunned most of the public, the FBI still refused to charge Clinton. You can read more about that here.

Regarding the information to come, he impressed that some of the most significant revelations from the leak have yet to be discovered by journalists:

“I really encourage people to research the more than 8,000 attachments that we put out, separate files, including more than 175 spreadsheets. That has the real core, the financial core, of the power structure and the exercise of monetary influence over the DNC. And that’s something that’s going to seed journalistic investigations for years,” said Assange.

In an interview with ITV, he also relayed that WikiLeaks will soon be sharing documents that will provide “enough evidence” for the Department of Justice to indict the Democratic nominee. Apparently, WikiLeaks has “accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton, which could proceed to an indictment.”

Does he think the Obama administration’s Justice Department will indict the former Secretary of State? Absolutely not. In fact, he told ITV:

“[Attorney General Loretta Lynch] is not going to indict Hillary Clinton. It’s not possible that could happen. But the FBI could push for new concessions from the Clinton government in exchange for its lack of indictment.”

However, if enough damning information is published about the war criminal, her campaign might crumble in on itself.

Julian Assange remains confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in downtown London where he is promised sanctuary from U.S. authorities but remains dedicated to exposing Hillary Clinton’s shadowed past in order to prevent her from being elected as the next President of the United States.

Only time will tell if the next leak is the tipping point for Clinton’s campaign, or if Assange’s efforts are in vain.

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