Jury Nullification Now Has a Fan on the Supreme Court


The Fully Informed Jury Association reports Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor gave a speech at New York University on Monday where she criticized the Second Circuit Court’s recent action in US vs. Thomas for its denigration of jury nullification, the right of jurors to vote their conscience regardless of the letter of the law.

By:  Nick Hankoff

This article first appeared at VoicesOfLiberty

“There is a place, I think, for jury nullification — finding the balance in that and the role judges should play,” Sotomayor said, reacting to the Second Circuit’s decision to remove Juror Number 5 out of suspicion that the juror was engaging in jury nullification, refusing to vote a “guilty” verdict.

“We categorically reject the idea that, in a society committed to the rule of law, jury nullification is desirable or that courts may permit it to occur when it is within their authority to prevent,” the Second Circuit wrote.

Sotomayor is the only current justice of the Supreme Court to have presided over a jury trial, according to NYU.

Check out this great jury nullification history from Judge Andrew Napolitano:

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This article first appeared at VoicesOfLiberty