Kaepernick Just Shut Down His Haters — Vows to Donate First $1 Million to Fighting Police Brutality


Colin Kaepernick is jeopardizing his career, reputation, and future to raise awareness for what he believes in by standing against police brutality and American exceptionalism. Whether you agree with him or not, the risk associated with his stance is courageous by any definition.

By:  Matt Agorist

This article first appeared at FreeThoughtProject

In less than a week, Kaepernick’s personal choice to sit during the anthem has transformed him from a 49ers quarterback to an activist — following in the footsteps of American icons like Muhammad Ali and Jackie Robinson. 

His choice has also earned him intense backlash from those who are too blinded by patriotism to see the crimes of their own government. Along with the silly jersey burning videos, were the more serious incidents like the police union demanding his team ‘denounce’ him.

On Thursday, Kaepernick doubled down and showed that he’s not afraid — this time, by taking a knee during the anthem.

As the debate online rages on, this brave man just brought his activism to a whole new level. During a press conference on Thursday, as reporters berated him on where he intends to bring his activism, Kaepernick dropped a bombshell.

“So do you plan to take it beyond this protest that you are taking right now?” asked the reporter. “You took a knee today. Are you planning on taking it a step further than just sitting out the national anthem?”

“Yes, I am planning to take it a step further,” replied Kaepernick. “I am currently working with organizations to be involved and making sure that I am actively in these communities, as well as donating the first million dollars I make this year to different organizations to help these communities and help these people.”

What started with a simple seat during the national anthem now appears to be transforming into something much larger than Kaepernick himself. Like those before him, this athlete is using his stardom to shatter paradigms and bring peace to his fellow human.

Where exactly all this will lead is still unknown. However, when one person stands up for peace, it tends to encourage others to do the same.

Please share this story and video with others so that they may see what true ‘patriotism’ looks like — which most assuredly is not blindly waving flags and singing songs.

The questions on where he plans to take his activism begin around the 2:20 mark.

This article first appeared at FreeThoughtProject