KrisAnne Hall: FBI is Unconstitutional on Apple iPhone Backdoor


If you haven’t heard Apple recently put a letter on it’s website from Tim Cooke, speaking about how the federal government (FBI) is demanding they create a “hackable” version of their iOS mobile software so they can retrieve data from phones used by the San Bernadino shooters.

Apple has vehemently refused and alerted all of it’s customers by Tim Cooke issuing this statement, its a great event when even a corporation, which has more cash on hand than the feds, tells the government “NO” we’re not violating the consistution or our customer’s privacy which they depend and rely on.

There’s a tricky way the feds are trying to justify this, using some old documents of our founding fathers, and I decided to bring on KrisAnne Hall to give us all the details as only she can.

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