“There ought to be a law” -Mother of 2015 Darwin Award Nominee


Kathleen Staples mother of 4th of July fireworks fun fatality Devin Staples is calling for tougher fireworks laws.  22 year old Devin Staples died after drinking with friends and deciding that it would be a sweet idea to ignite a firework on his head.   

Kathleen is calling for tougher firework laws in Maine.  Kathleen told the Associated Press,  “That’s an explosive. They didn’t just hand me a license and put me in the car.”  Kathleen wants to see Maine lawmakers require safety training courses in common sense handling of things that are obviously designed to explode.

What we’re talking about here is regulating stupidity.  The law bears no more responsibility for Devin’s death than his mother’s apparent lack of sensible upbringing.  Alas, we’re left with the age old State motto, “only one more law and then we will all be free…”

Devin was the first and only death by fireworks in Maine since they were legalized in January 2012.  Nanny State Lawmakers are already talking introducing a measure to repeal the law.




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