Let’s End Rape Shield Laws


Duke University, the University of Virginia, Columbia University and Amherst College.

What do all of these places have in common? They are places where men had their names tarnished after false rape allegations surfaced. Rape allegations where the accusers had their names shielded by the media, in some cases even after the allegations were proven wrong.

It has gotten so bad that what once was a skit on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show is becoming a reality. California enacted “affirmative consent” laws at the end of 2014, which make it so that the parties involved pretty much have to sign contracts or make a video stating consent to engage in sexual acts. How sexy and romantic!

It’s not just college students who have made the headlines with rape allegations. Several sports players have been hung out to dry.

Remember the Kobe Bryant incident? Was Kobe wrong to cheat on his wife? Absolutely. Katelynn Faber was also wrong for lying about what happened in that hotel room.

Andrea McNulty said that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger raped her. That case was settled out of court but if you run a Google search for “Andrea McNulty bragged”, see what you dig up.

Allegations of false rape are a problem for not only the accused but also real victims of rape. The women who cried wolf in the aforementioned cases are making it harder for other women or men who were actually raped to seek justice.

If the government will not prosecute people who make false rape/sexual assault accusations, including Crystal Mangum (Durham, North Carolina), “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz (New York City, New York), “Jackie” (still unidentified by Rolling Stone magazine from the University of Virginia) and “Jane Doe” (Amherst, Massachusetts) then we need to get rid of rape shield laws. Or, alternatively, we must include the accused in rape shield laws.

Specifically, the Violence Against Women Act (gender discrimination is in the title, isn’t that unconstitutional?) needs to be amended to include shielding defendant’s names. Otherwise, we have a clear 14th amendment violation.

Putting an alleged rapist’s name out there is very unfair to that person. They have yet to be found guilty in a court of law yet their name is being blasted all over the internet/mainstream news shows. It can and has ruined people’s lives. It is well past time for a change.

One final note. I’m still waiting for CNN’s Nancy Grace to apologize to the Duke University lacrosse students. Men whose names she dragged through the mud nearly everyday on her TV program in 2006. She was conveniently “on vacation” the day Roy Cooper, North Carolina’s Attorney General, announced that the three Duke students were innocent.

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