The Libertarian 5th Column


I’ve long held that in this age of information the whistleblower is a true hero of the people. As such, I’ve begun to recognize an incredibly powerful, spontaneously ordered force for liberty within the “establishment” that I’ve come to call the “Libertarian 5th Column”. It is made up of civil libertarians like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Ray Mc Govern, William Binney, James Bamford, Daniel Ellsberg, Sibel Edmonds, Roger Morris, David Rosenhan, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, etc. that were inside the system and when they saw something peculiar or fishy, they let the world know (and mind you, at great risk to the welfare of themselves and their family).

Members of the Libertarian 5th Column, due to their positions within the establishment, are privy to information that those of us outside the establishment are not. Hence they are capable of wreaking havoc against tyranny on a massive scale that our outside efforts at slacktivism, protesting, voting or lobbying can only aspire to. This is why, as individualists, we might consider refraining from vilifying all government employees and civil servants (although many certainly deserve said treatment) and let them know that we, as libertarians, will persistently support them for doing the right thing with regards to protecting individual liberties against the more malevolent machinations of bureaucrats, war profiteers and tyrants.

I mean, it is one thing to preach to the pro-liberty choir but if we are going to effectively recruit more influential insiders like this to the cause of the “Libertarian 5th Column” then we may want to consider employing the NPAP (the non-passive aggressive principle) while advocating for the NAP (non-aggression principle). I mean, if we can persuasively argue that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” then we need to likewise grasp that “government doesn’t harm people, people harm people”. The government is like Soylent Green, “it’s people”. People are the problem (those doing ill within as agents of the government) and people (like the Libertarian 5th Column) will be the solution. Remember, “Government” is just an excuse that some people use to treat other people atrociously so let’s stop regurgitating thoughtless bromides like “statist” or “muh roads” and maybe this amazing growth of liberty both inside and outside the establishment will continue!

About Author

Hailing from parts unknown, N. Nash Cage is a burned out, ex-pat pacifist that has been quietly lurking about libertarians social circles for a while. He is quiet no longer.