Libertarian Candidate Arrested While Gathering Petition Signatures For Campaign


“This is exactly why I’m running for governor as a Libertarian”

Chris Holbrook, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota was arrested earlier this summer for gathering petition signatures at Lake Calhoun public park.

Holbrook was attempting to gain the necessary signatures that are required for a candidate to appear on the ballot in his state.

While at the park, Holbrook was approached by a park police officer who told him that he was not allowed to gather signatures on park property.

The officer allegedly cited an ordinance against using park land for commercial purposes.  The officer then cited Holbrook and handcuffed him while onlookers took cellphone video, which was later posted to YouTube.

After the incident, Park Police Chief Jason Ohotto apologized to Holbrook, saying the arresting officer was mistaken about the ordinance, and that the citations would be dismissed.

“The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the Park Police Department understands and upholds the First Amendment and freedom of speech in the parks,” Dawn Sommers, Park Board spokeswoman, said in a statement.

“This is exactly why I’m running for governor as a Libertarian,” Holbrook said. “Police shouldn’t be harassing citizens while they’re engaged in protected political activity.”