Libertarian Party Presidential Debate – Monday March 7, 2016


Ready for a debate focused on policy rather than personality and issues not insults? And a bonus: common-sense solutions consistent with fiscal conservatism and social tolerance…we sure are!

The leading candidates for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President face off eight days before the North Carolina primary.

When: 9:00 PM EST Monday Mar 7, 2016
Where: Raleigh, North Carolina (candidates can participate remotely via Google HoA)
Sponsor: Libertarian Party of North Carolina
Moderator: Barry Smith, Carolina Journal
Candidates: Gary Johnson (invited), Austin Petersen (invited), Steve Kerbel (invited), Darryl W. Perry, Jack Robinson (invited)

National polls show that a vast majority of Americans want a choice outside the old parties. If you are in that majority—or are considering joining it—this event is for you!

This is the only presidential debate scheduled in North Carolina during the 2016 primaries. Carolina Journal Associate Editor Barry Smith will moderate the debate from a location in Raleigh. Candidates—chosen by respondents to an online poll (and thanks to the 2400 folks who voted!)—will participate from locations across the nation.

25% of North Carolina voters are registered unaffiliated and all of them are eligible to vote in the Libertarian presidential primary (as, of course, are all registered Libertarians). But even if you are a Democrat or Republican or not registered at all, we cordially invite you to tune in and check out some sensible alternative choices for November.