‘They Live’ Star Roddy Piper Found Dead In Hollywood Home


Wresting legend ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper has died at age 61.  According to TMZ, Piper was found Friday morning in his Hollywood home as he died in his sleep Thursday night of cardiac arrest.

Piper’s death is a tragic loss for many who grew up watching wresting from the mid 70’s through the 2000’s.  As for myself, I will forever remember two of Piper’s legendary roles, Sam Hell in ‘Hell comes to Frogtown’ (obscure apocalyptic b-horror flick where Piper’s sole job is to impregnate as many of the few fertile women left on the planet as possible) and as shotgun wielding, bubblegum chewing John Nada in John Carpenter’s epic horror classic ‘They Live’.  If you dig low budget horror and haven’t seen either of these, I suggest you get on it.  R.I.P. Roddy.  I know what I’ll be watching tonight…

Here’s a clip from John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’.

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