Many American Voters Are In Favor Of Bombing Fictitious Land Of “Agrabah” From Aladdin


According to a new poll, 30% of Republican voters are in favor of bombing Agrabah, the only problem is that the place doesn’t even exist. Agrabah is, of course, the fictitious land that is depicted in the story Aladdin. While these poll results may seem ridiculous, they are honestly not very surprising.

By:  John Vibes

This article first appeared at TrueActivist

Americans from both political parties seem to be happy to go to war anywhere, especially some place that has a middle eastern sounding name.

In many of the wars and conquests that have already taken place across the planet, most Americans would not even be able to point the war zones out on a map, despite the fact that they have at least passively supported the military action.

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According to the poll, 30% said that they would support the bombing of Agrabah, while 13% were opposed to the bombing, and 57% were undecided. Other interesting revelations from the poll show that 46% of those surveyed would support a national Muslim database, 26% believe Islam should be illegal and 28% favor the policy of internment camps. Later, the same organization polled Democrats with the same question and found that 19% of them were in favor of bombing Agrabah, which is slightly less insane, but still insane.

Especially after the Obama administration, Democrats have proven that they are just as war hungry as the republicans are, they just like to pretend that their wars are for humanitarian purposes.

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