How Much Of A Socialist Is Donald Trump?


Socialism seems to be the craze nowadays in the realm of politics.  As a young millennial, I can assure you socialism is the bees knees.  Younger people view socialism as some kind of oxygen mask: a device to finally allow them to breathe after being choked by the fumes of sky high student loan debts, a shitty economy, and an unknown future.  Strangely, they indulge in such a system yet don’t even know what it is,  and arguably, one of the most socialist candidates is a shocker to most people: Donald Trump.  Keep in mind that I’m not saying Trump is an actual socialist, but his policy proposals would sure line up with the ideology of socialism.

By: Vincent Birrittella

This article first appeared at Liberty.Me

If socialism is defined as a theory that emphasizes government ownership and control of the means of production, allocation, and exchange, then Trump will surely be a step in that direction.  If a country or society becomes more socialist by increasing the governmental control of society and these conditions, Trump would be a step closer to this particular system.  In some instances, he could be consider more socialist than Sanders.

For example, when it comes to privacy and the overbearing eyes of the NSA, Sanders dismays it and wants to dismantle it, while Trump wants to increase its power.  Bernie voted against the Patriot Act; Trumps wants to reinstatethe Patriot Act and wants to increase spying and surveillance on Muslim Americans.  Trump is more of a socialist when it comes to privacy issues.  I don’t want to make this article about a comparison between Trump and Sanders, but the similarities are staggering.

Trump is chairman Mao on issues dealing with immigration and the border.  Nothing is more socialist than Trumps proposals of building a bigger wall and restricting immigration into the country.  The man even proposedbanning Muslims from entering the country.  Whats more socialist than that?  I’m willing to bet that Hot Topic is going to be selling Che Guevara shirts in Trump size after his wall is finished.  Trump also isn’t a fan of free trade, and he wants the government to force American companies that use foreign labor to bring their businesses back to America.  Don’t forget all the tariffs he wants to impose on foreign goods.  Trump is no free market fundamentalist when it comes to trade and global commerce.

On issues of foreign policy, Trump might seem to be somewhat of a non-interventionist, but if you take into account his reckless and instigative behavior, you have a war breeding machine.  No one really knows what Trump’s foreign policy proposals.  He did mention boosting up the military and “bombing the hell out of ISIS”.  He also talked about how the military wouldn’t disobey any of his commands no matter how brutal the proposals were.  Can someone really be considered a non-interventionst when they call for killing innocent children and claim that the military wouldn’t refuse to commit war crimes under his presidency? Do I really need to point out how George Bush Jr and Barack Obama both ran on a non-interventionst policy yet they ended up being war pigs after it was all said and done? Trump seems very unlikely to stop the trend of the expansion of the military industrial complex; and speaking of the military, isn’t that the most socialist institution in existence? Some leftists would agree with me.  So would that make war the ultimate example of socialism in action? I believe so.

Overall, a presidency under Trump would most likely lead to an enlargement of the government.  His proposals on war, free trade, immigration, privacy rights, and other civil rights certainly don’t put him at odds with socialism.  I bet Trump would vehemently disagree about him being a socialist yet I would say he grades very well on a socialist score card.  Supporters of Trump might think he’s the total opposite of socialism, but there’s more of an overlap that most people won’t want to admit.  Trump might not be a full blown socialist, but he certainly has some sympathies with the ideology.

This article first appeared at Liberty.Me