My Experience at Porcfest X: Part 1


Porcfest is an event hosted annually in Lancaster, New Hampshire on Roger’s Campground by the Free State Project, where liberty lovers from all over the globe gather for fellowship and to eat great food, dance, practice agorism, open carry and do all the other things that free people like to do without violating the non aggression principle.

For years now I have dreamt of the possibility of attending Porcfest but it seemed that there was always some shit holding me back. Whether it was finances, getting time off from work or a ride the trip just never quite came together for me.

This year was almost no different than the previous years. Five days before my scheduled departure for the Free State my ride fell through. This left me with very little time to arrange travel plans. So right away I started posting on PRL asking for a ride to Porcfest. I had received many ride offers for Saturday and Sunday, which would have been rad except I had a prior engagement to work Monday and Wednesday so I needed a ride leaving Wednesday night or later.

After a couple days of posting, a possible ride offer was made by a pretty awesome dude named Karl Schipul. Karl was leaving for Porcfest from Stamford, Ct. on Thursday night. So after a Greyhound from Baltimore to New York and another from New York to Stamford, it would be straight sailing from there.

My bus arrived in Stamford around 3pm on Thursday and as my ride wasn’t leaving till around 6 I had a few hours to kill. So I wandered around town, found a little diner and noticed that a free concert was about to go on on the same street where I was having lunch. I figured I would kill a few hours here until Karl was ready to roll.

So I am hanging out at the concert kinda bored not really digging the tunes. Apparently “The Wallflowers” were going on later and the “security” there was off the hook. I’d estimate that when I got there there was probably 1 cop for every 5 persons. The streets were blocked off for the concert and apparently people were frisked at the entrances. I had got there early enough before they started frisking people.

As I am hanging out watching the band a few men in costumes w/ a dog approach. One man says “How’d you get in here with that bag?” I informed him that “i’ve been here for hours.” He says “I have to search your bag.” I say “You have to search my bag?!” The man replies “Look at my shirt.’ It says “Bomb Squad”. Then the man says “Remember Boston?!” I felt like saying “Remember the 4th Amendment?!” but then felt that for the sake of not interfering with travel plans I would just show him what was in my bag….

Karl and I arrived at Roger’s Campground about 12:30 Thursday night. We were both tired as hell and knew that we still had to set up camp while at the same time really wanted to party! We decided that it would be best to first set up camp and then venture on over to the bonfire. At the bonfire there was probably about 70 people gathered round talking, smoking, drinking and there was a group of bluegrass musicians playing songs.

We ended up at the tent of an ultra rad dude named Damon, from Buffalo, New York, who had a pretty elaborate tent set up for the consensual distribution of alcoholic beverages. It was an awesome setup, from a boar’s head to a fake fire place to a hookah pipe in the center of it all. Plenty of comfortable seating and a drink menu that was probably more vast then that of my local Baltimore County dive bar.

That night we stayed up drinking and conversing until about when the the sun came up. From time to time new people would come into the tent and some would leave. Everyone was pleasant, stateless company in the New Hampshire night air. The conversations were like a “Welcome home!” in a place where I’d never been before.

To be continued…

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Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".