My Experience at Porcfest X: Part 2


So my first night at Porcfest I found myself going to bed around 5 AM and then waking up the next morning at 10 AM. It was pretty hard for me to get a decent night’s sleep while knowing that there was always so much cool shit going on all around. I mostly just figured that there would be plenty of time for rest when I got back to Baltimore.


Me with Karl Schipul

My first agenda item on my first morning at Porcfest wasn’t much different than my first agenda item on any given morning at home: coffee. I wandered over once again to Damon’s tent where he just so happened to have a fresh pot brewing! The shower situation at Porcfest was much better than I had expected with not long of a wait at all. After I had finished with my morning preparations for the day I took a seat and started perusing my Porcfest schedule, which came in way handy as there was just so much going on at all times. Many times I had to pick and choose between 2 or 3 events that all peaked my interest. Too much Porcfest, too little time. So it’s 11:26 and I’m reading my schedule and I see that Larken Rose is scheduled to talk until 11:30. “Fuck!” I remember thinking. I am huge fan of Larken and most specifically his video “I’m allowed to rob you”.  I’d say this video is a must see for anyone who still harbors a boner for the U.S. Constitution.

Me with Beau Davis

Me with Beau Davis

Personal highlights for me would be finally meeting so many people in person who I had either conversed with or read about on the internet many times in the years prior. Pete Eyre, Ademo Freeman & Beau Davis from Cop Block were so awesome to hangout with in person. It’s funny how you watch so many videos of people online and you feel like you’ve known them for years.


Me with with Eddie Free, Pete Eyre & Ademo Freeman

Pete Eyre was extremely welcoming by introducing me to so many people. I’m such a big fan of Cop Block & Liberty on Tour that I was totally geeking out on the inside and probably on the outside as well while hanging out with him and the rest of the guys.. While at Porcfest, I was lucky enough to catch the premier of the first 2 episodes of John Bush and Cat Bleish’s new show “Sovereign Living”. I was blown away by the professionalism demonstrated in the editing, camera work, educational value & picture quality. I feel as though “Sovereign Living” will interest many people from all walks of life and plant the seed of question for many of it’s viewers. Porcfest X was also home of the premier for “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree”. I have already viewed this masterpiece at least 3 times prior and it has always blown me away. Derrick J is such a way likeable dude who is really talented at conveying ideas in a manner that, I would say, is appealing to most viewers. As Derrick is committing these “victimless crimes” I can’t imagine anyone thinking that “Derrick J belongs in a cage”. Meeting Derrick J in person would be another highlight of my Porcfest X experience.


Me with Roy Rolfe

There was plenty of great food and beverage to be had at Porcfest from a wide array of vendors. Many vendors dealt not only fiat FRNs but also in Bitcoin and silver. Tim Davis, a fellow PRL supporter from Philly, PA, was running a cart with beef, pork & chicken sausages, stuffed green pepper and cheesesteaks all made with grass fed meat. I ate many a meal there as I thoroughly enjoyed the food and Tim’s company. “Revolution Coffee” was like an indy/anarcho version of Starbucks with tasty coffee treats! George Mandrik ran a high demand kitchen at the main Pavilion. The lines were always a little bit long as the food was stellar and well worth the wait! Soapbox Idols would definitely be another highlight of Porcfest for me. Most honorable mention, in my mind, would be Chris Cantwell who said “I trust this government like I trust Grumpy Cat to run a suicide helpline.” Also Antonio Buehler, Lauryn Beth Faulkner and others all made timeless speeches. It was the kind of event, like so many others at Porcfest, where I just felt lucky to be there and be a part of that moment in time.

Me with Gary Johnson


Other notable mentions as far as rad people I got to meet at Porcfest X would include: David Friedman, Gary Johnson, Amanda Billyrock, Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live, Roy Rolfe, and many, many others. At Porcfest, no matter where you are it seems that there is always somebody walking up to you introducing themselves and saying where they are from and, after not too long, half the time you just start introducing yourself. I met so many great people from all walks of life and from all over the globe that had at least one strong important idea in common: liberty. This is the magic of Porcfest. It’s been said that Utopia doesn’t exist. Fuck that, I’ve been there and seen it and it’s called Porcfest. If you haven’t gone yet it’s only because you don’t know what your missing and once you go you’ll be bummed when it ends and will always yearn to return.


Me with Damon from Buffalo, NY

I was lucky enough to land a ride straight back home with Rachel Bussell and a few other liberty loving Baltimore natives. It was the perfect wrap up to Porcfest for me. A relaxing and yet invigorating discussion of what we had all just experienced while making new friends that felt like old friends at the same time. With all this being said, I can’t wait for next year and I sincerely hope you’ll join me! Read Part 1

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