Nationwide Protests Against Torture Planned For Jan 31 In The US #EndTorture


As news of the senate torture report has came and passed, activists have become frustrated with the lack of coverage that it has gotten in the media, and are planning nationwide protests to raise awareness about the indiscriminate use of force that has been implemented by the US military in the past few decades.

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In the recent report, which barely scratches the surface of what actually occurred, it was revealed that detainees in foreign prisons were routinely beaten, tortured and raped. People were tortured in the most obscene ways imaginable, and many times even killed. The report, although it was incomplete, exposed consistent and horrific violations of international law and the Geneva Conventions.

Most Americans aren’t even aware that these facts are all now proven and public record, so activists are planning to take to the streets to raise awareness about military torture.

According to one of the Facebook event pages for the protest:

In late November the Senate Report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of Torture was released. This report has since been swept under the rug and nearly forgotten. The Mainstream media, the government and a complicit American public are prepared to forget about the Senate Report on CIA torture AND WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

Join organizations and individuals from across the political spectrum for protests, rallies, and gatherings on Saturday January 31st to make sure America and the US government do not go unchallenged. This is Decentralized. Connect with activists in your community and plan rallies, protests, street theater, or reenactments of waterboarding or force-feeding. GRAB THE PUBLIC’S ATTENTION! WAKE UP THE PUBLIC TO TAX PAYER FUNDED TORTURE!

The protests are scheduled to take place all day on January 31st in every city. If you are not able to find a protest in your area, you are encouraged to create one of your own and get your neighbors involved.

Below are some of the main events that have already been gathering support:


Portland, Oregon

Seattle, Washington

San Diego, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

Houston, Texas

Columbus, Ohio

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Langley, Virginia

Jacksonville, Florida
hosted by Veterans For Peace Jax and 904 Activist Alliance

Leesburg Florida

St. Pete, Florida

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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