Wake up, MotherF#$@ers!!! NBC News posted that “Your new Facebook friend may be the FBI”! It’s not just Alex Jones anymore…


NBC news of all lamestream propaganda outlets reported that “Your new Facebook friend may be the FBI”.

This is a creepy Orwellian nightmare to the extreme.  Everyday millions of people post all sorts of stupid ass shit to Facebook.  Mostly a bunch of harmless jargon.  So now you’ve got the government’s most incompetent men on the job.  A sure fire recipe for disaster.  Straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

Don’t misjudge what I am saying here.  Alex Jones posts some crazy ass wacked fucking shit.  I am not saying that all of it is true.  It’s kinda more of a broken clock is right twice a day kinda thing.  I am just saying that it’s probably time to maybe take notice when NBC posts such a headline.  The “Leave it to Beaver” of State-friendly news outlets is admitting that things may not be quite so kosher.

So right now you’re probably asking yourself… “What can I do?!?!”  I think that the answer is pretty simple.  Bitch about it to your friends and family.  Spread dissent.  That’s what it’s about.  The State will only do what they can get away with.  What we let them get away with.  Remember now: They need you!  If enough people are pissed off they will back off.  You are their source of revenue.  We are all just living on a “tax farm” of sorts.  Bring concerns on the subject of privacy to the mainstream.  Make privacy a real issue that candidates need to be right on to be elected.

I firmly believe that the best way to make a change in the world is to be that change.  To quote Ron Paul “An Idea Whose Time Has Come, Cannot Be Stopped By Any Army Or Any Government”.  I believe this to be true.  The best thing you can do to progress liberty right now is to talk to your friends and family about liberty.  Fuck, if the opportunity presents itself maybe even a total stranger.  Don’t underestimate yourself.  No one ever made a greater mistake than the one who did nothing because they thought they could only do a little.

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Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".