New Jersey Cop Caught Selling Steroids On EBay


43-year-old Secaucus police officer, Michael Cucciniello, has been charged with selling steroid gel known as Androgel testosterone on eBay.

According to investigators, officer Cucciniello was legally obtaining the prescription drug from a pharmacist, and then illegally selling the drug online. Investigators allege that his online drug sales began early last winter and lasted for nearly year.

Although Androgel testosterone is legal, its distribution is still heavily regulated by the FDA, under threat of steep penalties and fines.

Cucciniello faces up to five years in prison for his charges, but it is common for first offenders to get probation and avoid jail time under similar circumstances. Cucciniello is a first time offender, so while his maximum sentence is steep, he will likely avoid jail time.

“It’s a dark day for the Secaucus Police Department, police officers are sworn to uphold laws, they also have to abide by those very same laws. Wrongdoing will not be tolerated. We owe that to the public who entrusts us, as well as the men and women of this department who come to work every single day and do their job the right way. The Secaucus Police Department continues to remain committed to our community,Secaucus Police Chief John Cerny said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Cucciniello has been suspended without pay, but is currently living off of his vacation time.

The medication was legally prescribed to Cucciniello by a physician, Rubino said, adding that no one else is being investigated in connection to the case.

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