New US Led Airstrikes Kill 36 Civilians In Syria While Missing Terrorists Entirely


The US government and their NATO allies have promised to fight Daesh (ISIS) in Syria with airstrikes, but it has become apparent after less than a week that their real targets are the Syrian government and Syrian civilians. Attacks on Daesh have been mostly unsuccessful and there has been very little confirmation that the US government or NATO are even going after them. In fact, there has been ample evidence to suggest that the US and their NATO allies, especially Turkey, have been propping up these terrorist groups, with hopes of destabilizing the Syrian government and installing their own puppet dictatorship.

By:  John Vibes

This article first appeared at TrueActivist

The new US-led airstrikes this week killed a minimum of 36 civilians, after bombs were dropped in the middle of villages with no concern for innocent human life. Every single person that was killed in the airstrike was a civilian, and many of them were children.

As Ron Paul pointed out in a recent article, the US government will be investigating themselves for these crimes, just as they did with the attacks on hospitals and weddings in the past.

“As in the incident of the US attack on the Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan, the US government will investigate itself (and most likely once again conclude that it did nothing wrong). As the United States is acting illegally in Syria — there is no UN resolution nor was the US invited by the Syrian government to conduct military activities on its soil — each US strike on Syrian soil is as lawless as the San Bernardino demonic duo,Paul said.

While conducting military operations within Syrian borders, the US has refused to cooperate in any way with the Syrian government, who is attempting to fight Daesh for the sake of saving their regime.

During their pillage of Afghanistan and Iraq, the US government funneled billions of dollars worth and weapons and support towards rebel groups in those and other countries that were intended to destabilize governments in the area that were not friendly with the US and help them install puppet dictatorships. These plans backfired when the rebel groups turned on the US military, because after all, they are an occupying enemy. The rebel groups then began to assemble and form their own alliances, eventually becoming the terrorist group known as ISIS. Even after these rebel groups showed that they would not be able to be controlled and that they were terrorizing local areas, the US government still continued to give them money and weapons, in hopes that they would destabilize the established governments, and provide an excuse for more conquest in the region.

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