This is Not Your Typical Attack Ad: Johnson/Weld 2016


This video shows how through the years, even throughout this election that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are dishonest by changing policies throughout the years. On top of that, they also have stirred controversies, which have upset many people. The two-party system, broken like always has nominated 2 candidates in which have the highest disapproval of any 2 nominees in a presidential election. It’s time to break up the two-party system and elect Gary Johnson. The only third-party candidate who will be in 50 states and that CARES about the American people. He’s stands on liberal issues such as LGBT, War on Drugs and Immigration but, he takes conservative issues such as eliminating Income and Corporate Tax, Guns and fights for a balanced budget. So AMERICA, do you want to vote for Baby A, Baby B or the real adult in this election. If you said adult, VOTE FOR JOHNSON/WELD