Nothing New about the New Year


I don’t believe there is anything wrong with being an extremist, I really don’t. It’s what you are extreme about that defines if it is a good thing or not. Freddie Mercury and songwriting, that is a good way to be extreme. Political Party candidates? Maybe not so much, or at least not extreme in the ways this bunch are.

The Trump. I don’t know if there is anything he isn’t extreme about. From his view point all the way to protecting his ego, he takes it all the way. Some people argue that this isn’t a bad thing, and I have to say they are wrong. If proving his point meant squashing a trade deal, no matter how good it might be, consider it squashed. His bank accounts prove he is a good businessman, and that only proves he doesn’t want to work for other.

Bernie baby Bern. His extremes are really the most bizarre of the group. He touts socialism as the end all be all of prosperity, touts the models of other nations, and then ignores how those models function. This guy doesn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, because that is science, and he has propaganda for that. He sells himself as the average American political outside, yet has held office since before I set foot on American soil 33 years ago. As a career politician we are supposed to be impressed that he only has a net worth of 700k, and applaud him for being so “poor”. Ron Paul would give half of his salary back, how extreme are you Bernie?

ClinTON. Her extremes are many, and depending on which vote she is courting they can be in flux. From her anti/pro gay marriage stance to her too ill to be Secretary of State but healthy enough to be President issue. Another round of emails were released at the exact time no one would take the time to read them unless you were being paid to. Some people I am talking about are Career politicians, Hillary is a Professional politician, there is a difference. Nothing about her ever hits head on, and it never will. She’s been around as long as the Spin Doctors, and I think they wrote a song about her. She shouldn’t be President for one simple reason, she truly believes that it her TURN.

McAfee. Paging Gary Johnson, your party needs you! The man wants a platform, not the libertarian one, just any old soapbox will do. He won’t leave his house to campaign, he might not even leave it if elected. I don’t know what happened in Belize, he might not know what happened, but so far none of the stories are clear. The man didn’t make sure his software would keep you safe, he just made sure you were stuck with it. Sounds like a politician to me.

So here we are entering a new year, eleven months away from another election, and what’s changed? Nothing. They are a little more vocal, not quite so squeaky clean, and feel just as entitled to rules as ever before. These people don’t just want to rule your life, the believe they are FUCKIN BETTER AT IT THAN YOU. I’d encourage you to vote Libertarian, but let’s wait to see who has the ticket first.

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I am a 34 year old writer, cab driver,and an Anarcho-capitalist. I devote much of my time to political theory and good music.