The NSA’s Tie to the “The Fappening” and “The Snappening”


First there was the “Fappening,” a leak of private celebrity nudes, now there is the “Snappening,” a massive leak of intimate photos from average SnapChat users.

By Justin King @ TheAntiMedia

During the Fappening, the internet was awash with bloggers and pundits that stated that the mere viewing of these photos was a sex crime because the beloved Jennifer Lawrence did not give consent. A little less outrage is occurring over the leak of photos of “normal people,” but it’s still prevalent.

Most of the photos were probably viewed, cataloged, and stored long before there was ever a leak. Under the guise of counterterrorism, all of your selfies and nudes are being stored by taxpayer-funded perverts working for the National Security Agency. Unless you are actively participating in the fight against the surveillance state, you have no right to complain about anybody viewing these photos. You have already given implied consent for every federal pervert to view them. Eventually, when these photos are declassified, they will all be available under the Freedom of Information Act. Where did this fake outrage come from? Does a right to privacy only apply to celebrities?

Of course, in reality you should be outraged. It will probably lead to a lot of embarrassment across the country. There are obviously going to be gigs of child porn, there will be people whose marriages are ended over illicit photos with their paramour, there will be people who are thrown out of the closet, and there will be people whose fetishes end their careers. In other words, there will be a lot of blackmail material. If we wouldn’t want to freely give this information to the public, why we would allow a domestic intelligence agency free reign to blackmail domestic political or civil rights leaders?

Don’t allow yourself to think that it won’t happen, because it already has happened. A pastor in the southern United States was the target of one such blackmail campaign, and the federal government wasn’t content with him just fading away into obscurity. They wanted him to kill himself. This was a civil rights leader that has so much street cred they put his name on street signs. When the average American is asked to name a civil rights leader, he is the first one to roll off the tongue. Of course, we’re talking about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King enjoyed the company of prostitutes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation attempted to blackmail him into committing suicide with this little fact. King knew his fight was more important than any shame he might face for being a John, so he did not comply. He was later assassinated, and in another event that was stricken from history, court proceedings later found that the federal government had an active hand in the assassination. Just like everybody else found guilty in a criminal court, the FBI claims the court proceedings were a sham. They investigated themselves and found they did nothing wrong.

If you wonder why those in opposition to the status quo always end up disgraced in some scandal, it’s because blackmailing and disgracing the opposition is quite literally in the NSA’s playbook. In documents leaked by Snowden, it was shown as a tactic of the NSA.

They say it’s un-American to oppose this surveillance because “freedom isn’t free” or “the terrorists will win.” However, the American people need to face the fact that if the FBI had access to the same tools the NSA has today, black Americans would still be second class citizens. This is what the security services of the United States are doing, they are not protecting you. They are slowly whittling away your rights and attacking the very things they claim to be protecting.

This article originally appeared at TheAntiMedia