“The Onion” Accidentally Breaks True Story About US Sending Israel Weapons


The satirical website “The Onion” which is well known for publishing obnoxiously fake news stories for fun has been growing more realistic as time goes on and the world we live in becomes a more twisted and disturbing place. This week, The Onion was actually on target, and one of their satire stories actually ended up coming true just a day later.

By:  John Vibes

This article originally appeared at TRUEACTIVIST.

The Onion’s article, titled: “US Soothes Upset Netanyahu With Shipment Of Ballistic Missiles”, was published just a day before this actually happened in real life. Even the mainstream news recognized the similarities when they reported the actual story, noting that the US was likely sending Israel weapons to make up for the recent Iran deal that they were unhappy with. As Haaretz reported, “After Iran deal, Obama offers military upgrade to help Israel swallow bitter Iranian deal”.

Later Haaretz admitted that  “There’s no other way around it: the fake newspaper broke the story.”

In the Onion article that was published a day before, the writers quoted a fake government source that made a very similar statement. The fake source in the satire article said that  “Bibi always gets a little cranky when he sees us talking to Iran, but a few dozen short-range surface-to-surface missiles usually cheer him right up. Of course, we try not to spoil him by giving him a whole new tactical ballistics delivery system every single time he throws a fit, but our guy’s pretty good at getting his way. At least we’ll have a couple months of peace and quiet around here.”

It is not uncommon for the US to be sending Israel missiles, and for the writers at The Onion, that was the perfect joke to make in reference to the Iran deal.

This article first appeared at TRUEACTIVIST.